AB Maritime




A.B. Maritime Policy


  • Conduct its operations so as to ensure safety at sea, prevention of human injury or loss of life and avoidance of damage to the environment and to property.
  • Develop, implement and maintain the standards of safety and environmental protection with prudent and reasonable practicability.
  • Establish that all operations carried out by its personnel, both ashore and onboard, shall bear special emphasis to:
    • Provide safe practices in ship operation
    • Provide a safe working environment
    • Assess all identified risks to its ships, personnel and the environment and establish appropriate safeguards
    • Constantly improve the safety management skills of shipboard and shore based personnel, including preparing for emergencies related both to safety and environmental protection
  • Improve the quality of service to the customers at all times
  • Increase efficiency and promote the Company’s image and reputation for quality

A.B. Maritime Inc. requires that whenever a conflict arises between commercial or economic reasons and any of the above points, priority shall always be given to safety.


  • Provide Shipowners, managers and staff with services of the highest quality in accordance with their requirements and expectations.
  • Ensure full compliance with all related conventions, laws and regulations.
  • Provide healthy and safe working conditions.
  • Maintain a safe and pollution-free operating practice that complies with national and international regulations and relevant standards and guidelines.

Quality, Safety, Environment

  • Implementing and continuously improving its safety management system
  • Constantly improving skills and competence of Managerial Staff, Support Staff & Sea Staff by ensuring continuous training and awareness.
  • Careful monitoring of Ships’ and Sea Staff’s performance by trained and experience managerial staff.
  • Emphasizing on commitment to Health, Safety and Environment protection.
  • Maintaining high standards of safety consciousness, personal discipline and individual accountability by adherence to a comprehensive and documented system of training.
  • Actively promoting employees’ participation in measures aimed at improving quality, safety and protecting the environment.
  • Keeping all personnel fully informed of any known or potential hazards that may affect themselves, their colleagues, the ship or the environment by transmittal or pertinent documentation.
  • Ensuring adherence at all times to the documented operating procedures by system of internal verification of procedures and activities.
  • Continuously reviewing all mandatory rules, regulations and industry codes and guidelines that are relevant to specific vessel types.
  • Providing training and instructions to all personnel in respect of Policy and the implementation of policy in their areas of activity.
  • Ensuring the appropriate resources in equipment and skills are provided to achieve the quality, safety and environmental protection specified in the Q.S.M.S.

All employees are expected to comply with Safety and Pollution Prevention Regulations and Procedures at all times, and to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves, their colleagues, the ship, her cargo and the environment.

The Management, shore based and seafaring staffs of A.B. Maritime Inc. are fully committed to the principles of quality and safety assurance.