AB Maritime




Fleet Introduction

Bulk carrier vessels are designed to carry either unpackaged dry cargo such as coal, grain (wheat, maize, rice, barley, oats, and soybeans), iron products (ores, pig iron, and scrap metal), cement, fertilizers, and minerals (sand, copper, and limestone) or packaged/ bagged cargoes. Modern bulk carriers are specifically designed to maximize capacity, safety and efficiency thus enabling them to better withstand the difficulties of their field of work.

A.B. Maritime Inc. is presently operating handysize, handymaxes and supramaxes bulk carriers, all engaging in worldwide trade and equipped with cranes and grabs so as to better serve their employment needs and requirements.

All our vessels have been built at reputable shipyards, and are being kept in top condition by implementing a well planned maintenance program, utilizing highly sophisticated tools such as UHP (ultra high pressure) water jetting machines and employing competent fitters on board who assist greatly in mitigating the time that would normally be spent at a shipyard for repairs.

Lastly, the crews of our vessels have all been handpicked, following a thorough selection procedure which allows for the identification of individuals who have been properly trained, are experienced and above all are eagerly motivated. Accordingly, our crews are able safely navigate the vessels at all times and under any conditions, follow the established plans and procedures in order to ensure proper and efficient maintenace, and finally be dynamically involved in the loading and discharging operations.